Lintas FM Bojonegoro


Ane Putri – 10120004// Dyah Ayu – 10120019// Lisnawati – 10120036// Ziyadatul – 10120076

Picture: The Logo,Programs and some crew members of Lintas FM

Lintas FM is one of radio station that is in Bojonegoro. Launched in 2010, with all benefits in order to entertain his listeners. This company is in Lettu Suyitno street 27-A Bojonegoro. Although it is located in the town of Bojonegoro, this radio is able to reach nearly 20 districts in East Java and Central Java.

“Lintas FM is a radio with the upper middle segment, not only can be heard in the city but also in the world. We provide a streaming radio on the official website,” said Mrs. Niken as Lintas FM’s station manager.

A variety of entertainment and information also very supported the best programs in the radio. There is some programs for adult segment until for teenagers . Because a lot of information that inspires the listeners, Lintas FM has a tag line “Your Inspiration“.

“Our radio tag line is ‘Lintas FM, Your Inspiration‘, hope that the programs that we present can inspire even make advertisers and listeners interested.

Many advertisers who are interested and cooperate in the promotion of products or their company on the radio. Various quizzes often performed to indulge his audience, and it also makes it increasingly ratings than other radios in Bojonegoro.

Only with 10 members, the radio can survive in the middle of competition by increasing and growing innovation companies. The team works are Yugho Kaholifano as a Produser, Ivan Tioor and Johan Nado as Music Director, Ane Moressa as Script Writer, Niar Sabira, Iva Marsella, Keysha Kei and some others as Announcer.

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