by: Ulva Mei Rosida 10120068// Yusuf Eko Dono 10120075// Siti Nurul Qomariyah 10120060IMG1091A

Sari Mustika Jaya established in 2006 by mother kasiyati as its owner. located in the village of Tuban Parengan Brangkal, along with the five employees, Sari mustika jaya receive a bakery and order another cake. at the beginning of its development, the mother kasiyati just try good recipe for the family, but along with its development, came the buyers who like cake production kasiyati mother, until finally a lot of bookings made, other than that he is also open catering. constraints are acquired during the few actors who always want to drop due to its unrivaled scared or did not like the mother kasiyati achieve success. however, want to continue to run the business sense it beat anything. future plans kasiayati mother hopes to increase the employee as well as opening new branches in other places, expanding the reach of booking and working with other big companies.


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