My first impression when I come in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO is i feel  so little shock, because the building of IKIP is not to big, so my first think is it’s not like some University that I know before. During teaching and learning process is run, I never give more attention when the lecturer give some explanation about the lesson, and I just sit down and keep silent while dreaming or imagine about something that not real, and it is go on during some years.

Everytime I always try so seriously to followed the process of teaching and learning although not all of the lesson that the lecturer explain or deliver I can understand. And when I meet or instructed by the wild lecturer suddently I always feel stressed and it can make me to be lazy to follow the lesson. Sometimes I feel so bored with the situation and condition in the class, and l feel lazy when the examination will start soon because all of the lecture always give an assignment together and all of the assignment must be collected in the last meeting, it can make me confused because I know that I’m not clever student’s and I’m very lazy to study  so, it can make me little stressed. Okay it is my experience during I study in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO.


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