SUMBER SEMI flowers and fertilizer trade






Plants are one of the most important thing in our life. Why? Because the plants can make our environment, especially our house, to be more beautiful. The use of plants are not only for beautifying our house, but also to make the air around our house to be clear. Then, the plants can make the feeling of the house dwellers to be more calm, so we have to take care the plants in our house.
Taking care the plants are not complete yet, if we do not use the fertilizer for making fertile our plants. The plants and the fertilizers are the compatible couple. Thus, there are many planters which offer us the various kind of plants and the fertilizer for each plants.
Nowadays, many people are interested with flowers and ornamental plants. Because of that reason, a man is interested to sell the flowers and ornamental plants. He is Mr.Rohmat, a fourty-year-old man who tries to sell the flowers and ornamental plants. Actually, he likes flowers, especially orchid because he had ever worked in a company who cultivated orchid.
Mr.Rohman began his business of flowers and ornamental plants in 2007. The first plants which he sold were orchid and gelombang cinta. He got the orchid in the forest. Then he choosed gelombang cinta because it was very famous and expensive at that time.
The development of his business was good enough. A few months later, he thought that the plants could grow well because it was given fertilizer, so he tried to sell the fertilizer in 2007. He made fertilizer from dung and husk which he got by buying them from his neighbours.
In the production of fertilizer he have to dry the dung and the husk previously. The measurement of dung and husk is 1:1. After all the components have been mixed, the fertilizer is ready to packaged.
Mr.Rohmat sell his fertilizer by entrusting in the florist at Veteran street and Panglima sudirman street. The cost of the fertilizer is Rp. 3.500 per package. If the fertilizer in the florist is sold out, the florist will call and ask him to send the fertilizer.
In addition, now he also try to cultivate the other plants such as orchid by doing crossbreeb between forest orchid and local orchid. The orchid which is provided by him namely cathlea, dendrobium and moon orchid. Besides, there are ornamental plants as gelombang cinta, jemani and dona carmen. The costs of orchids are Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 50.000, depend on the variety and the size. While the costs of leafy plants are Rp. 5000 to Rp. 20.000 depend on the size of them.
If you want to make an order of the orchid or the ornamental plants, you can directly come to Mr.Rohmat’s house at Padangan village Rt/Rw 02/01, Trucuk, Bojonegoro, East Java. And, let’s make our house more beatiful, healty and fresh by adding the amount of SUMBER SEMI’s plants!
Selvia Putri Hariyati ( 10120058 )
Yusniawati ( 10120074 )


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