IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO is one of university at Bojonegoro. There are five study programs which can be chosen, they are English Education, Indonesian Education, Mathematics Education, Economics and Cooperation Education, and Civics Education.

I never thought that I will continue my study because my parent wanted me to get a  job and so do I,  not too interested with university cause I was afraid I cannot make a scientific paper. My friends ever told me that it difficult, spent much money and need a big responsibility. But my families gave me support to continue my study and IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was my choose because it was not too far for my house and I could learn English language in here. My friend told me that IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was bad college, it just need much money to got a good value, it was make me underestimated. Then, I went to my neighbour’s house who was study at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO,  I asked her about IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, about how the lecturer taught, about fee, about facilities, and so on. Next day, she accompanied me to register at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, I was approved at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO in 2010, I took English Education as my study program. Even I underestimated that college but day after day I enjoyed study at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO the lecturers were very competence and every lecture be delivered in English and now I never underestimated anymore with my college. And now, I knew that IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was not too bad such the people said and many students telented in here who could be a good teacher in the future. We never knew something before we tried it!


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