By       : Lia Irma Alfaidah – 10120034 // Atin Febriati – 10120011 // Ika Dwi Kristiana – 10120029


Have you ever eat cake leker? Yes, the cake is a traditional culinary specialties leker Solo. In Bojonegoro, there are many kinds of leker cakes that have variations and flavors.

As made ​​man from the city of Solo Culture, Sutikno. Mr. Tik-so he was usually called-has pioneered efforts lekernya cake since three years ago.

The stores are located in the railroad shops at Jalan Panglima Polim, this Bojonegoro City every day is always crowded leker cake lovers.

One of the store employees who nicknamed Bang Lacut explains, the average visitor in his shop are the children of school and leker cake lovers.

“We’re open late, so many people buy here,” said Bang Lacut while cooking leker.

Everyday leker cake Mr. Tik spend 5-6 pounds of flour as the dough. The price of a leker cake is Rp 500. – Rp 2,500. Turnover per day is 600,000.

The shop’s employee explained, most visitors because it tastes like leker cake varied, such as chocolate milk, banana milk, strawberries, blueberries, cheese and much more.

Bang Lacut added leker homemade cake lovers not only from the Bojonegoro City, but also buyers from out of town like Malang, Lamongan, Sidoarjo and Ngawi.

“Usually they knew of a relative who is in Bojonegoro, then spread from mouth to mouth,” he explained.



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