Just my experience

Let me tell you something. This is a story about my experience at the Teachers’ Training College PGRI Bojonegoro. PGRI Teachers Training College is a beautiful campus. The place was neat and clean, so I was glad to learn here. In this college I also had an interesting experience. when I was a student I met with a lot of character people. And it was the first time I met with my close friends. We first become acquainted with each other, and then we became familiar to the present.

There are four my close friends, and we are always together. They were also my classmates. Maybe because we are classmates we became familiar. We always share everything about many things, especially about the course material when studying and learning. So we can know each other very well.

I’m proud to be a student at the Teachers’ Training College PGRI because I was so happy to learn here. I can get the knowledge about a lot of things and most importantly I could learn how to be a good teacher.

And further my experience is that I met someone who made ​​me feel different when I see it. He is a handsome boy. He was also smart. I think every girl would look like him. I do not know why I liked him. This is how I feel and I’m not going to tell him because I was just going to be a secret fan. Yeah, I’m just a secret fun.
The most important thing is not to stop learning and I will always learn from anything.That’s all for my experience.


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