My exciting experience IKIP make me falling in love

For first time, I’m study here i found unforget experience. There is someone….. he always nagging to me. One day he give challenge for me. If i won, he bought everything I want. In fact, I won. He invited me to lunch. At the time he became my close friend.

One day we went to sarangan. Just he and me so it make me good feeling to him. We visited waterfall in sarangan, it became romantic moment for me. We are very happy. Then we went to madiun. In there we watch the movie. It make something in my heart ummm………. I aware I’m falling in love to him.

After we went together I hope he will tell his feeling to me. I’m waiting for it…….. then always waiting……… but he never say anything, except he say

“sorry, actually I have feeling to you, but I can’t continued this relathionship”

Until now I don’t know his reason. Why???????????????


By: eka tri yuliani…….



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