my experience in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO (By Annida Sugiarti)

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Hi guys, have you ever heard or visited ever learn at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO? What did you feel at the first time while studying there? Certainly very impressive, right ?

            Well, I would to tell you about my experience while I’m in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I’m from Cepu, central java. I don’t know IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO at first. And then I asked how and where it is. But I still confuse where the location. One day my uncle was accompany me to visited IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. But my uncle didn’t know the location. After arriving in BOJONEGORO, it turn out we got lost, and we ask the local resident for its location. And finally we were informed the place. Then we went to that University. After arriving on campus, my uncle and I headed for the registration. My aim is to enroll a student there. But what happens?  It turn out I forgot to bring the requirement to register. My uncle and I laughed look at my own panicky, then we went home.

            A few day later, I was invited my friends to sign up at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. The three of us set out with a public bus rider. Because I’m not used to riding the bus, I finally got sober. It was embarrassing for me, even occurs in the first few months. But now I got used.

            After I sign up, I chose to take the English department. Actually this is not the department that I expected. Because, my sister’ request. After, I become a student in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I fell afraid and not confident about my own skill. But I had been found a lot of friends. I was convinced myself that I could be a good student.

Along I study in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, so many hurdles that I encountered, especially in terms of transportation and unfavorable weather. Until one day, I’ve come home until 10 pm. But for the sake of education, I keep the spirit and not give up.

            A lot of new things, that I got on the IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I have many friends, the good lecturers, even though there are some of them that make me pessimistic. But nevertheless the lecturer gives a lot of knowledge and experience for me, I’m quite proud to be a student here, because of where I could feel how hard to be a teacher. From here I was taught to be a good teacher and well qualified. Hopefully after I graduated from here I can be a more thoughtful and can be achieve my goal. Aamiiin..

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.


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