My name is Lisnawati, my nick name is Lisna. I live in Bubulan. Now, I was sixth semester at Ikip Pgri Bojonegoro. I was go to campus at three times, there are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have eight subject with different lecturer, the subject are : Metodologi penelitian, ESP, Semantics, Penelitian Tindakan Kelas, Statistik, Psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and Prose 2. It start at 13.30 wib. The place far enough from my house, its about thirty minutes. I go there by motorcycle. Sometimes I go there my self, but it isn’t make me unspirit to have study. I always keep my spirit to achieve my idea be a teacher.

I was so very happy there, because I thought it was funtastic campus especially at Bojonegoro. The facilities was support likes Wi-fi, the big class that very clean, mosque that comfort, etc. Adaptable with my idea that I want be a teacher, it was vey nice campus for studying it. The important one I like the lecturer there, because all of them very kind with me. Sometimes, I also sending sms or called by my lecturer. They are very nice, so I feel comfort there. My lecturer always gives me a material that used to teach the students, they gives knowledge that very useful for my future. But sometimes I rather annoy when my lecturer can’t join with my class, nothing notification. Because sometimes when on the way the wheather isn’t support likes rain fall thats heavy, winds, etc. Automatically if my lecturer didn’t give notification, I was very angry. But it’s never mind, I thought it was one of my struggle to achieve my bright future. I likes the situation there, but I thought the security should have increase their work in order to more safety for my helmet or my motorcycle, because last year one of my friend have lose her helmet.

Besides the best lecturer there, I have close friends called “ TEN ICON ’’ consist of Dyah ayu N, Ane putri, Ziyadatul hikmah, Annida sugiharti, Selvia putri, Diana ambarsari, Yunita eka, Yunita rahma, Nur aini and me. I love them all, because we always have fun together. Doing homework and also they always teach me if I misunderstanding with the subject. They are likes my family, because They always with me in sad or happy. Because of my friend there, I more comfort study at Ikip Pgri bojonegoro. Before I came there, I felt fear, I thought I wouldn’t have a friends, beacause I live near forest and I also not beautiful, so all of my friends will be keep a distance for me. But my perception was wrong, certainly all of their want be my friends and also be close friends. I was very happy. From this, I thought that different town or background it was not make a difference friend. Actually I was lazy for go the campus, but I know if I have the best friends and lecturer there.

A few time, I will graduate from this campus, I feel sad. Of course I often meet my friends and my lecturer. But if I meet in everywhere, everytime, I will always greeting them. But its nevermind, I hope I will be get a good score from my campus. And I want to show to society if graduated from there it wasn’t lose for looking a job. We know that many people always have negative thinking to my campus, and its so very make me sad. I hope if graduated from there I have a good job. With it, all of people realize that my campus isn’t likes in their mind. Ok that’s all for my story, I’m sorry if my story have a mistake in the grammar. . . . . . byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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