My Great Experience in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO

IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO is one of university in Bojonegoro, East Java. IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO is located at Panglima Polim Street, number 46, Bojonegoro, East Java. In IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, there are five study program which can be chosen by the students, they are, English Education, Indonesian Education, Mathematics Education, Economics and Cooperation Education, and Civics Education. IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO has many facilities for the students, they are, library, language laboratory, computer laboratory, micro teaching laboratory, mathematics laboratory, canteen, parking area which is fitted out by CCTV, auditorium, small mosque and hotspot area. Besides, the university fee is not too expensive.

Now, I will tell to you about my own story in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO . I am one of the students in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I was approved in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO in 2010. Yet, I had never heard about IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO previously because since I was baby, I had lived in Cilegon, Banten. I knew IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO from my father . Then, he offered me to continue my education here. Later, I decided to continue my education here. When the first time I entered IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, I thought that it was not like an university. Why ? It caused the building was not large enough, it was not like an university generally . In my mind, the building of IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was large, as the other universities. Moreover, after I had knew that the learning time was begun at 2 pm. I thought that the learning time would begin in the morning, as the other universities. But, I still wanted to continue my education here. Furthermore, I took English Education as my study program. During I had studied here, I got something new, such as friends, experiences, and knowlegde. Firstly, I will tell to you about my new friends here. I got many new friends here. My first friend was Nur Aini. She was the first students of IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO which I knew. After that, I got new friends again, they are, diah, lisna, ane, yunita, nida, nita, diana, and zia. I always together with them wherever we went and we sat in the back seat. They became my close friends until now . Then, I got new friens again when I had decided to move in the front seat, they are, yusniawati, sujilah,ana, lia, atin, and ulva, and at length, I knew all my friends in class A. They were pleasing people. I was happy getting new friends, though, actually I really missed my old friends in Cilegon. We will go on to the next story, that is about my experiences here. I had many experiences during I have studied here. But,from all my experiences which I got here, I had an unforgettable experience. My unforgettable experience happened when I had to read my assignment from Miss Anis to continue the story which she made previously and I had to read in front of the class to get additional grade in her lesson. Actually, I felt shy when I had to read it, but I convinced myself that I could do it. Suddenly, my right hand trembled when I used to hold the microphone. Then, my left hand also trembled when I tried to read the story in the paper which I had. I felt as if the number of my friends in the class increased steadily. Furthermore, I tried to accelerate reading my assignment. After I had read my assignment, I felt so relieved. But, after that, I began to summon up courage to speak in front of my friends in the class until now. The last story is about knowledge. I got many knowledges during I had studied here, particularly about teaching English. I had to know how the way teaching English are. It caused, most of the students considered that English is difficult.  Even, there was an opinion that English was not our language,so we were not necessary to learn it. So, I got the way how we made learning English is fun and easy for the students. Then, I knew how the way teaching English materials in order that can be easily understood by the students. After that, I knew the using of learning media, so it can help me as a recruit of English teacher in the future . And I knew how to improve each skills of the students, such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing. That’s all my own story during I had studied in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO.

So,let’s join with us in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO !



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