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Plants are one of the most important thing in our life. Why? Because the plants can make our environment, especially our house, to be more beautiful. The use of plants are not only for beautifying our house, but also to make the air around our house to be clear. Then, the plants can make the feeling of the house dwellers to be more calm, so we have to take care the plants in our house.
Taking care the plants are not complete yet, if we do not use the fertilizer for making fertile our plants. The plants and the fertilizers are the compatible couple. Thus, there are many planters which offer us the various kind of plants and the fertilizer for each plants.
Nowadays, many people are interested with flowers and ornamental plants. Because of that reason, a man is interested to sell the flowers and ornamental plants. He is Mr.Rohmat, a fourty-year-old man who tries to sell the flowers and ornamental plants. Actually, he likes flowers, especially orchid because he had ever worked in a company who cultivated orchid.
Mr.Rohman began his business of flowers and ornamental plants in 2007. The first plants which he sold were orchid and gelombang cinta. He got the orchid in the forest. Then he choosed gelombang cinta because it was very famous and expensive at that time.
The development of his business was good enough. A few months later, he thought that the plants could grow well because it was given fertilizer, so he tried to sell the fertilizer in 2007. He made fertilizer from dung and husk which he got by buying them from his neighbours.
In the production of fertilizer he have to dry the dung and the husk previously. The measurement of dung and husk is 1:1. After all the components have been mixed, the fertilizer is ready to packaged.
Mr.Rohmat sell his fertilizer by entrusting in the florist at Veteran street and Panglima sudirman street. The cost of the fertilizer is Rp. 3.500 per package. If the fertilizer in the florist is sold out, the florist will call and ask him to send the fertilizer.
In addition, now he also try to cultivate the other plants such as orchid by doing crossbreeb between forest orchid and local orchid. The orchid which is provided by him namely cathlea, dendrobium and moon orchid. Besides, there are ornamental plants as gelombang cinta, jemani and dona carmen. The costs of orchids are Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 50.000, depend on the variety and the size. While the costs of leafy plants are Rp. 5000 to Rp. 20.000 depend on the size of them.
If you want to make an order of the orchid or the ornamental plants, you can directly come to Mr.Rohmat’s house at Padangan village Rt/Rw 02/01, Trucuk, Bojonegoro, East Java. And, let’s make our house more beatiful, healty and fresh by adding the amount of SUMBER SEMI’s plants!
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By       : Lia Irma Alfaidah – 10120034 // Atin Febriati – 10120011 // Ika Dwi Kristiana – 10120029


Have you ever eat cake leker? Yes, the cake is a traditional culinary specialties leker Solo. In Bojonegoro, there are many kinds of leker cakes that have variations and flavors.

As made ​​man from the city of Solo Culture, Sutikno. Mr. Tik-so he was usually called-has pioneered efforts lekernya cake since three years ago.

The stores are located in the railroad shops at Jalan Panglima Polim, this Bojonegoro City every day is always crowded leker cake lovers.

One of the store employees who nicknamed Bang Lacut explains, the average visitor in his shop are the children of school and leker cake lovers.

“We’re open late, so many people buy here,” said Bang Lacut while cooking leker.

Everyday leker cake Mr. Tik spend 5-6 pounds of flour as the dough. The price of a leker cake is Rp 500. – Rp 2,500. Turnover per day is 600,000.

The shop’s employee explained, most visitors because it tastes like leker cake varied, such as chocolate milk, banana milk, strawberries, blueberries, cheese and much more.

Bang Lacut added leker homemade cake lovers not only from the Bojonegoro City, but also buyers from out of town like Malang, Lamongan, Sidoarjo and Ngawi.

“Usually they knew of a relative who is in Bojonegoro, then spread from mouth to mouth,” he explained.



IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO is one of university at Bojonegoro. There are five study programs which can be chosen, they are English Education, Indonesian Education, Mathematics Education, Economics and Cooperation Education, and Civics Education.

I never thought that I will continue my study because my parent wanted me to get a  job and so do I,  not too interested with university cause I was afraid I cannot make a scientific paper. My friends ever told me that it difficult, spent much money and need a big responsibility. But my families gave me support to continue my study and IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was my choose because it was not too far for my house and I could learn English language in here. My friend told me that IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was bad college, it just need much money to got a good value, it was make me underestimated. Then, I went to my neighbour’s house who was study at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO,  I asked her about IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, about how the lecturer taught, about fee, about facilities, and so on. Next day, she accompanied me to register at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, I was approved at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO in 2010, I took English Education as my study program. Even I underestimated that college but day after day I enjoyed study at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO the lecturers were very competence and every lecture be delivered in English and now I never underestimated anymore with my college. And now, I knew that IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO was not too bad such the people said and many students telented in here who could be a good teacher in the future. We never knew something before we tried it!

Just my experience

Let me tell you something. This is a story about my experience at the Teachers’ Training College PGRI Bojonegoro. PGRI Teachers Training College is a beautiful campus. The place was neat and clean, so I was glad to learn here. In this college I also had an interesting experience. when I was a student I met with a lot of character people. And it was the first time I met with my close friends. We first become acquainted with each other, and then we became familiar to the present.

There are four my close friends, and we are always together. They were also my classmates. Maybe because we are classmates we became familiar. We always share everything about many things, especially about the course material when studying and learning. So we can know each other very well.

I’m proud to be a student at the Teachers’ Training College PGRI because I was so happy to learn here. I can get the knowledge about a lot of things and most importantly I could learn how to be a good teacher.

And further my experience is that I met someone who made ​​me feel different when I see it. He is a handsome boy. He was also smart. I think every girl would look like him. I do not know why I liked him. This is how I feel and I’m not going to tell him because I was just going to be a secret fan. Yeah, I’m just a secret fun.
The most important thing is not to stop learning and I will always learn from anything.That’s all for my experience.

My exciting experience IKIP make me falling in love

For first time, I’m study here i found unforget experience. There is someone….. he always nagging to me. One day he give challenge for me. If i won, he bought everything I want. In fact, I won. He invited me to lunch. At the time he became my close friend.

One day we went to sarangan. Just he and me so it make me good feeling to him. We visited waterfall in sarangan, it became romantic moment for me. We are very happy. Then we went to madiun. In there we watch the movie. It make something in my heart ummm………. I aware I’m falling in love to him.

After we went together I hope he will tell his feeling to me. I’m waiting for it…….. then always waiting……… but he never say anything, except he say

“sorry, actually I have feeling to you, but I can’t continued this relathionship”

Until now I don’t know his reason. Why???????????????


By: eka tri yuliani…….


my experience in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO (By Annida Sugiarti)

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Hi guys, have you ever heard or visited ever learn at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO? What did you feel at the first time while studying there? Certainly very impressive, right ?

            Well, I would to tell you about my experience while I’m in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I’m from Cepu, central java. I don’t know IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO at first. And then I asked how and where it is. But I still confuse where the location. One day my uncle was accompany me to visited IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. But my uncle didn’t know the location. After arriving in BOJONEGORO, it turn out we got lost, and we ask the local resident for its location. And finally we were informed the place. Then we went to that University. After arriving on campus, my uncle and I headed for the registration. My aim is to enroll a student there. But what happens?  It turn out I forgot to bring the requirement to register. My uncle and I laughed look at my own panicky, then we went home.

            A few day later, I was invited my friends to sign up at IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. The three of us set out with a public bus rider. Because I’m not used to riding the bus, I finally got sober. It was embarrassing for me, even occurs in the first few months. But now I got used.

            After I sign up, I chose to take the English department. Actually this is not the department that I expected. Because, my sister’ request. After, I become a student in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I fell afraid and not confident about my own skill. But I had been found a lot of friends. I was convinced myself that I could be a good student.

Along I study in IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO, so many hurdles that I encountered, especially in terms of transportation and unfavorable weather. Until one day, I’ve come home until 10 pm. But for the sake of education, I keep the spirit and not give up.

            A lot of new things, that I got on the IKIP PGRI BOJONEGORO. I have many friends, the good lecturers, even though there are some of them that make me pessimistic. But nevertheless the lecturer gives a lot of knowledge and experience for me, I’m quite proud to be a student here, because of where I could feel how hard to be a teacher. From here I was taught to be a good teacher and well qualified. Hopefully after I graduated from here I can be a more thoughtful and can be achieve my goal. Aamiiin..

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

My experience

My experience in IKIP PGRI bojonegoro most fun is when I go in Teachers’ Training College I met at my friend’s, especially friends who named nika, eka and Reni. nur is my friend from university of smk IKIP PGRI to this. my friends and very gokil also jail but they are very fun most fun on a gathering together as well as exchange ideas. The most mischievous among friends that eka, she really likes doing the same friend his theme. experience in the moment interesting again relaxed way, after we ate a leisurely stroll along the BRI bank in front of the booth we ate lunch pack BRI while sitting on the floor. which makes it fun is togetherness. That’s my experience,


My name is Lisnawati, my nick name is Lisna. I live in Bubulan. Now, I was sixth semester at Ikip Pgri Bojonegoro. I was go to campus at three times, there are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have eight subject with different lecturer, the subject are : Metodologi penelitian, ESP, Semantics, Penelitian Tindakan Kelas, Statistik, Psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and Prose 2. It start at 13.30 wib. The place far enough from my house, its about thirty minutes. I go there by motorcycle. Sometimes I go there my self, but it isn’t make me unspirit to have study. I always keep my spirit to achieve my idea be a teacher.

I was so very happy there, because I thought it was funtastic campus especially at Bojonegoro. The facilities was support likes Wi-fi, the big class that very clean, mosque that comfort, etc. Adaptable with my idea that I want be a teacher, it was vey nice campus for studying it. The important one I like the lecturer there, because all of them very kind with me. Sometimes, I also sending sms or called by my lecturer. They are very nice, so I feel comfort there. My lecturer always gives me a material that used to teach the students, they gives knowledge that very useful for my future. But sometimes I rather annoy when my lecturer can’t join with my class, nothing notification. Because sometimes when on the way the wheather isn’t support likes rain fall thats heavy, winds, etc. Automatically if my lecturer didn’t give notification, I was very angry. But it’s never mind, I thought it was one of my struggle to achieve my bright future. I likes the situation there, but I thought the security should have increase their work in order to more safety for my helmet or my motorcycle, because last year one of my friend have lose her helmet.

Besides the best lecturer there, I have close friends called “ TEN ICON ’’ consist of Dyah ayu N, Ane putri, Ziyadatul hikmah, Annida sugiharti, Selvia putri, Diana ambarsari, Yunita eka, Yunita rahma, Nur aini and me. I love them all, because we always have fun together. Doing homework and also they always teach me if I misunderstanding with the subject. They are likes my family, because They always with me in sad or happy. Because of my friend there, I more comfort study at Ikip Pgri bojonegoro. Before I came there, I felt fear, I thought I wouldn’t have a friends, beacause I live near forest and I also not beautiful, so all of my friends will be keep a distance for me. But my perception was wrong, certainly all of their want be my friends and also be close friends. I was very happy. From this, I thought that different town or background it was not make a difference friend. Actually I was lazy for go the campus, but I know if I have the best friends and lecturer there.

A few time, I will graduate from this campus, I feel sad. Of course I often meet my friends and my lecturer. But if I meet in everywhere, everytime, I will always greeting them. But its nevermind, I hope I will be get a good score from my campus. And I want to show to society if graduated from there it wasn’t lose for looking a job. We know that many people always have negative thinking to my campus, and its so very make me sad. I hope if graduated from there I have a good job. With it, all of people realize that my campus isn’t likes in their mind. Ok that’s all for my story, I’m sorry if my story have a mistake in the grammar. . . . . . byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My Experience in IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro

IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro is one of the most university in East Java,it located in Panglima Polim street,number 46,Pacul,Bojonegoro,East Java.IKIP has some study programs they are Mathematics education,Bahasa Indonesia and Art education,English and Art education,Economic education,and Civics education.This university has many fasilities that will help us, so we can study well, such as the comfort and clean classes,Micro Teaching laboratory,Multimedia laboratory,Computer laboratory,Free Hot Spot Area,CCTV,clean n complete library,etc.Not only the good fasilities but also we will teach by the professional and competence lecturers.

Let me tell you about my experience since i have joined in IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro.I’m a sixth grade student of English department,first time when I have sudied in IKIP,i felt not confident in the class during learning process,thats because I had lack of vocabularies and bad grammar.As a student of English department I have tot reach my English ability because I will be an English teacher in my future.Fortunately I have many classmates that always support me and I was teached by the competence lecturer that give me many educations about English and how to be a professional teacher.I studies step by step till I can increase my ability now,and I feel that I get the great opportunity to be a good teacher in my future after I graduate my study here.

That is my very short story about my experience, if you wants to be a professional teacher let’s join with us in IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro.See you..

IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro and Me

Have you ever heard IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro? well…let me tell you first. It is one of school of Teaching Trainings in East Java. The building is placed on Panglima Polim street, 46 Bojonegoro. The are three faculties in IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro. they are Language and Art, Social’ science, and Mathematics and science. And this is a story about IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro and me.
First time I came to this institution, I thought that it wasn’t special. Even I underestimated that college because it is only a private institution in a small town. So, I didn’t make any preparation for my first lecture. But, everything was changed when I joined my first class. All of my expectation was wrong when I met some lecturers of IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro. They are very competence. I wasn’t ready to know that every lecture would be delivered in English. I was also asked to always speaking English in the class and we couldn’t speak other languages.To be honest I didn’t have an expectation about that although I realized that I chose English department. beside I was so surprised that I found some of my classmates who could speak English fluently and also had lots of knowledge about English. some of them even had been worked as a teacher. At that time I thought that I was very poor in English.
Now I am a student in sixth semester of English department and I have never underestimated anymore with my college. I feel comfortable to study here because everything I need to study such as library, laboratory, WIFI etc. are available. I like the lecturers who always give support for the students to catch their idea and said that we shouldn’t be give up easily. And I am happy to be a collegian of IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro even though it isn’t the best institution of my country it’s no matter for me. The most important thing that I have to study. And I am sure wherever I study will be same if I make an effort. It is something which I learn from IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro. That’s why I will never regret my decision to continue my study in this institution because I can learn something that may I won’t get in other places.