Panda Gao Gao in San Diego Zoo, USA      Panda

Panda is a big and chubby animal because panda have weigh over 100 kg, so panda look like a doll. Panda is animal from western China and Tibet, especially from the bamboo forest China and Tibet.  Panda has 2 foots and 2 hands. Panda use its hands to eat bamboo and its leaves. Panda search bamboo together with others panda. Beside that, the hands also use to help walk, at the hands there are extra thumbs, which to helps panda eat. The foots also usually use too walk, but panda use its hands too. If panda stand, panda as tall as a man.

                   Body panda is a black and white. In the head, there are black eyes patches and black ears. The head is white. Panda’s nose is big and the mouth as big as the nose. panda’s furry is long and straight, and also very soft and smooth. The skin thick and luxuriant furry make panda so cute.

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