bussiness english

Business English Lesson Plans for ESP and Vocational English
Ready to use free Business English lesson plans for English for Special Purposes and Vocational English classes including student worksheets.

Teaching Telephone English
Business English lesson plan concerning telephone English including lesson outline, printable materials and suggestions for activities

How to Use Google Translate to Teach English
How to use Google Translate in an English teaching environment for ESL EFL TESOL teachers and classes.

Food Service Vocabulary
List of 170 essential words for the food service industry for English language learners

Why Is Writing More Difficult Than Speaking?
A discussion of the challenges of learning to write fluently as opposed to learning to speak fluent English.

English for the Food Service Industry
English for the food service industry introduction to essential English grammar for this profession.

Business Letter Writing Lesson Outline
A business letter writing lesson outline for ESL EFL and business English classes.

English Tip of the Day
Each day receive a new English use tip with sentence examples. There is also a Quiz of the Day and Worksheet of the Day. The English level, quiz and worksheet start off easy at an intermediate level. As the months go by, you’ll improve your level to advanced English usage.

Using the Internet to Teach English for Special Purposes (ESP)
Using the Internet to teach English for Special Purposes (ESP) to vocational English classes in various subjects, including practice lesson plan example of implementation of writing plan

Business English Level Test
Take this 100 question test to discover your business English level. This quiz focuses on English as it is used in the workplace, testing common business phrases and typical workplace vocabulary. At the end of the test, you will be given your appropriate business English level.

A VIP – Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Lesson Plan
This lesson uses an imaginary biography to get students asking questions and speaking about completed accomplishments (present perfect) and duration of activity (present perfect continuous) in contrast to the simple past.

Basic English Curriculum for Teaching
ESL curriculum for basic classes focusing on building grammar, speaking, listening and vocabulary skills.

Business English – Free Book
This is a BUSINESS ENGLISH text aimed primarily at Chinese students. It makes use of everyday business articles from a variety of sources (such as BusinessWeek and Fortune magazine) to teach business vocabulary. The main aim of the book is to have students practice their oral English using a specific vocabulary.

Business Letter Writing Lesson Plan
An example of an effective lesson plan employing all four language skills while focusing on business letter production skills.

Business Trends
This intermediate to upper-intermediate level business lesson focuses on increasing vocabulary used to describe economic trends.

Chunking – Vocabulary Building
Upper level reading comprehension provided as a means for students to learn chunksof relevant language as well as appropriate vocabulary.

Conditional Statements
Making conditional statements are an important part of fluency. This lesson focuses on helping students improve their recognition of the structure and use it in conversation.

Conversation Lesson: Multinationals – Help or Hindrance?
A great conversation lesson that has a lot of success around the world. Students need to discuss whether multinationals are a bane or a boon to local cultures.

ESL Business News
ESL Business News provides a weekly podcast of international business news every week in slow, clear English. Great listening materials around which you can build a lesson plan.

How many people learn English world wide?
A brief overview of current statistics concerning the ESL English learning market globally.

Interpreting Statistics – Advanced Level Lesson Plan
This upper level conversation lesson uses statistics as a starting point for students to interpret information and draw their own conclusions. This lesson is especially useful to encourage students to not only repeat information they read, but develop their own opinions.

Let’s Do Tourism – Part 2
From Part 2: “You are representatives of rival companies who are looking to gain the contract for this re-development from the council. I want you to give a detailed presentation explaining why your company is the best one for the job. Your aim is to convince the representative of the council that your company offers the best solution.”

Let’s Do Tourism -Part 1
Tourism is becoming more and more important – especially for those learning English. Here is a two part lesson which focuses on the question of developing tourism as an industry in your local town. Students need to develop concepts, discuss local economic problems and solutions to those problems, think about possible negative impacts and finally make a presentation.

Press Conference
“Press Conference” is great for small groups and classes of about six people and up. It stresses listening, speaking, and overall conversation.

Telephone English: Getting Practice
Teaching telephone English can be frustrating as students really need to practice their skill as often as possible in order to improve their comprehension skills. This lesson focuses on making telephoning practice as “authentic” as possible.

Using the Internet to teach English for Special Purposes (ESP)
One of the problems that faces many English as Second Language (read ESP, ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESOL, TOEFL etc.) teachers is that students expect the teacher to be incredibly knowledgeable about everything! By using the methods in the example lesson – actually you will probably need at least two lessons – you can give your students “real world” English for their specific ESP needs.

Effective Practices in Workplace Language Training – Review
Review of Effective Practices in Workplace Language Training – Guidelines for Providers of Workplace English Language Training Services

Short Field Trips
This ESL lesson plan focuses on taking short field trips as a class and the activities that can help students prepare to make the most of their short field trips to local businesses and offices.

Business Letter Lesson Plan
This free ESL or Business English lesson plan focuses on writing a variety of business letters.

Relative Clause Lesson Plan
This lesson plan focusing on relative clause use was written specifically for English in the workplace. Students learn how to use relative clauses, match phrases and connect with relative pronouns and then go on to describe their own work place using relative clauses.
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