Owner Agung Podomoro Group


Trihatma Haliman Kusuma, owner Agung Podomoro Group which manages 27 properties of large-scale projects in Jakarta and surrounding areas with a total capitalization of Rp15 trillion. Entrepreneurs who’ve been in business and housing construction since 1970, is often referred to as the first king of the apartment, but now she has went back into the shopping center business.

He was named as one of People See Figures List of Employers
business in 2005 from the Most Influential Economic News. He called King apartments Glance Shopping Center.

Economy News December 28, 2005: Jakarta Trihatma believe people fond of shopping. As a result, he played in the development of shopping centers.

When the financial crisis besetting the nation, the number of bad loans increased significantly. Largest contribution comes from the credit crunch See Figures List of Employers
property business. At that time, few developers are able to survive. One is the Great Podomoro Group (Podomoro).

Is Trihatma Haliman Kusuma, owner Podomoro already berLihat Entrepreneur Leaders List
housing and construction business since 1970, which in cold blood makes Podomoro very aggressive in tough times.

Lots of interesting things when listening Trihatma performance. He manages 27 large-scale property projects in Jakarta and surrounding areas with a total capitalization of Rp15 trillion. Previously he was often referred to as the king’s apartment, but now Trihatma went back into the shopping center business. So far, he has completed projects in Mangga Dua Square and Plaza Semanggi.

Trihatma also finishing projects across the Forum Plaza Senayan and Senayan STC. If Forum is complete, the project will enliven competition between shopping centers in Jakarta. Forum on a mission to become one of the iconic new shopping center in Indonesia. The design is, reportedly, is the current leader in Indonesia.

July 2005 Trihatma looks shining when topping off Senayan City. This project will provide other colors for the development of the property business in Indonesia because it is “the fruit of marriage” from the eight-story modern shopping centers, office centers, hotels, boutiques, and luxury apartments in the Senayan area.

Trihatma aware of competition between shopping centers louder. However, according to him, that’s where its appeal. Trihatma said, businesses will be more creative when generating innovation increasingly tight competition. He also mentioned a number of major tenants, including from some ASEAN countries, which already had booked the place. Their entry into Indonesia will give its own color on the business climate of the modern shopping center. According Trihatma, Jakarta-town with a population of 12 million people-still requires a lot of shopping centers.

Podomoro success can not be separated from good marketing strategy. The first is the strategy of market segmentation targeting upper middle consumers. The second strategy is the brand image. Here are two brand image. First, as an umbrella image, are trademarks Mediterranean. Then, the second, as a value brand, is firm Agung Podomoro Group, which his track record is very good. The third strategy is the sale. Podomoro agents use the services of a professional sales


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