Exercise-induced brochospasm or E.I.B.

Exercise-induced brochospasm or E.I.B. presents itself 
with acid retention symptoms of shortness of breath, 
and/or an elevated respiratory rate and wheezing, similiar 
to an asthma attack. However, many athletes will also 
experience decreased stamina, or difficulty in recovering 
from exertion compared to other team members, or paroxysmal 
coughing from an irritable airway all caused by increased 
metabolic, dietary, respiratory acidosis. 
Consequently, a potential for under-diagnosis exists because 
current medical-savants are not testing for dietary, 
metabolic and respiratory acidosis.  Measurement of airflow, 
such as peak expiratory flow rates, the pH of blood, 
saliva and urine, measurement of blood plasma oxygen, 
blood plasma carbon dioxide and blood plasma sodium 
bicarbaonte can be done inexpensively and may prove 
helpful in determining dietary, metabolic and/or 
respiratory acidosis caused by over-exercise, and an 
acidic lifestyle and diet.
While the potential triggering events for E.I.B. are 
well recognized by current medical savants, the underlying 
pathogenesis is poorly understood because of the lack of 
recognition of latent tissue acidosis caused by an acidic 
lifestyle and diet leading to dietary, metabolic and/or 
respiratory acidosis.  
E.I.B. usually occurs after at least several  minutes of 
vigorous, "aerobic" activity, which demands that normal 
nasal breathing be supplemented by mouth breathing due to 
to build of respirator acids likecarbon dioxide and the 
lack of oxygen to the lungs, blood and then tissues. The 
mouth inhalation of air due to the need for more oxygen 
and the release of carbon dioxide seems to generate 
increased blood flow to the linings of the bronchial 
tree, resulting in water retention to buffer the 
increased levels of carbon dioxide leading to edema. 
Constriction due to excess acids in these small airways 
then follows, worsening the degreeof obstruction to airflow. 
There is increasing evidence that the smooth muscle that 
lines the airways becomes progressively more sensitive to 
changes that occur as a result of injury to the airways 
from dehydration and acid build-up in the connective tissues 
due to an acidic lifestyle and diet. The acidic chemical 
mediators that provoke the muscle spasm is the resultof 
acidic build-up in the connective and fatty tissues and the 
body's inability to remove acidic dietary, metabolic and/or 
respiratory acids out through the channels of elimination 
efficenctly - especially through the lungs and then mouth 
and/or nose.
The treatment for E.I.B. is simple, effective and clear by 
improving blood and lymph circulation, opening up the channels 
of elimination through the bowels, lungs, pores of the skin 
and through urination, building healthy blood all with an 
alkaline lifestyle and diet as outlined in the pH Miracle 
revised and updated book or audio.  For more information 
go to: www.phmiracle.com.

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