S O S 연습영상 (New girlband origin Indonesia ready to compete in Korea & Indonesia)


After boyband S4, YS Media & Entertainment agency plans to introduce a new girl group that also brought the concept of Korea. They are namely SOS ( Sensation of Stage ) 연습영상. consisting of Mary (Maria Olivia Budiman), SUN (Sannia Arumasari), AG (Jodis Rezky Anggreny), PB (Adisty Wahyu Andi), Yeye (Yedi Yelia Dongoran) and JL (Febrianti).

“SOS received direct training of management in Korea for almost a year. Practice time is very tight, more than 12 hours every day spent on vocal training and dance,” said a statement from management YS Media, Wednesday (23/1). “Exercise is given directly by Jeon Hyo Jung (dance teacher and 4Minute HyunA) and vocal teacher Jang Sang Mi, who is the main vocal on the RH Group.”

According to the plan, the SOS will officially debut next February 14. Alumni girlband “Galaxy Superstar” has prepared a package of digital single “Start One Sensation”. In it contained two songs namely “Drop It Low” and “Independent Girl”.

For the cultivation of single, SOS in collaboration with Seo Yong Bae (composer Ailee song, “Heaven”, Orange Caramel, “Lipstick”) and Hwang Sung Jin (creator of song lyrics Beast, Secret, Lee Seung Gi and 4Minute). In addition, SOS also involves the famous Indonesian musicians, Pongki Barata and Vabyo.




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