My first impression

This is my first blog . Firstly , I don’t know what I should do with my blog . Then , I think that I can write everything in my blog to express my feeling or my experience . Previously , in my opinion , making a blog is difficult . Furthermore , I try to make a blog and apparently , making a blog is not difficult . Maybe , for now , I still can’t feel the advantages having a blog fully . I only know that if I have a blog , I can write everything as I tell you previously . In my opinion , something interesting have a blog is I can change the appearance of my own blog , such as change my blog theme with cute theme , so my blog can be more interesting for myself or even for other people who visit my blog . Besides , I can change the gravatar or picture in my blog with the other picture , for example the picture of mushroom as in my blog . However , the most interesting of having blog is I can communicate with my classmates and read their posts in their blog .  That’s all my first impression having a blog . heheheheheee …


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