I want to tell you about martial arts being I live


never heard what it was taekwondo?



Taekwon-Do, Tae Kwon-Do, Tae Kwon Do


from  Korea
Olympic sports since 2000 (by regulations / legislation WTF)

Taekwondo (Spell: Tae Kwon Do, Taekwon-Do) is a Korean martial sport is also popular in Indonesia. This sport is also the national sport of Korea. It is a martial art’s most widely played in the world [citation needed] and also competed in the Olympics. Taekwondo in Indonesia increasingly popular since the massively promoted by Nim Saseong Daxon Joetandi (VII Dan Kukkiwon), a professional banker who is famous as the youngest black belt holder in Indonesia since the age of 7 years.

In Korean, hanja for Tae means “to strike or break with foot”; kwon means “fist” and Do means “way” or “art”. So, Taekwondo can be freely translated as “the art of hand and foot” or “path” or “way of the foot and fist”. Popularity of taekwondo has caused this art evolved in various forms. Like many other martial arts, taekwondo is a combination of combat technique, self-defense, sport, sport, entertainment, and philosophy.

Although there are many doctrinal and technical differences between the various taekwondo organizations, the art in general emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance, using a range and greater leg strength to melumpuhlan opponents from a distance. In a game, spinning kicks, 45 degrees, front, and side ax is the most widely used; kicks performed include a jump kick, twirl, skip and drop, often in the form of some combination of kicks. Taekwondo training also includes a comprehensive system of punches and defenses by hand, but generally does not emphasize grappling (wrestling).


pictures: Taekwondo Bojonegoro

Three materials in training

Poomsae is a circuit or circuit moves the basic movement techniques of attack and defense, which performed against imaginary opponents, by following a certain diagram. Every movement poomse circuit diagram based on Eastern philosophies and perspectives illustrate the spirit of the Korean people.
Kyukpa or hard objects are solving techniques using training techniques target / inanimate objects, and the ability to measure the accuracy of the technique. Target object is usually used among other planks of wood, bricks, tiles, and others. The technique is performed with kicks, punches, slashes, even a finger prick.
Kyoruki or exercise bout is to apply the basic movement techniques or poomse, in which two people fight each other and attack techniques practiced foot defense techniques.


Ap Chagi Tendangan Lurus Kedepan Dgn Sneping
Dolyo Chagi tendangan Melingkar Keuluhati Atau Kepala, Kaki Angkat Lurus Di Depan Dan Lipat Putar Badan Lurus Dgn Paha Tertutup Disentak Kedalam Dgn Sneping
Deolo Chiki Tendangan Mencangkul kemuka Lawan ambil Dgn Lurus
Yeop Chagi Tendangan Ke samping kaki lipat rapat dgn paha sentak ke samping kena ujung jari dan disusul Dgn Tumit
Dwi Chagi Tendangan Ke belakang Putar Badan kaki dilipat Rapat lalu sentak ke belakang
Miro Chagi Tendangan Mendorong Dgn Telapak kaki Bagian Dalam(pussing Kick)
Yeop Hurigi Tendangan mengkait Dgn telapak kaki
Dwi Hurigi Tendangan melingkar putar ke belakang ambil 45 derajat
I dan dolyo Chagi Tendangan dgn Kaki Depan Slayding lipat dan sentak ke dalam Dgn Sneping
I dan Yeop Chagi Tendangan dgn kaki depan Slayding kaki silang di belakang lipat dn sentak dgn cepat ke samping
I Dan Ap Hurigi Slayding tendangan mencangkul dgn kaki depan tekuk
I dan Yeop Hurigi Slayding mengkait dgn kaki depan
I jung Dolyo Chagi Tendangan dua kali pertama ceking dgn telapak kaki dan kedua, putar tendangan melingkar dgn sneping
Dolke Chagi Putar 180 derajat dgn melompat lalu tendangan dgn melingkar / dolyo chagi
Nare Chagi Tendangan 2 kali kali dolyo Chagi ke arah pinggang
Twio Dwi Chagi Lompat Sentak tendangan belakang
Twio Dwi Hurigi Lompat tendangan mengkait ke belakang ke muka ambil 45 derajat
I jung Yeop Milgi Tendangan dua kali Slyding lompat yeop Chagi ke arah pinggang
Mat Badad Chagi Kaki depan tarik cepat dgn dolyo chagi ke perut lawan dan Badan Agak condong ke belakang
I Dan Dwi Chagi Tendangan mendorong ke arah dada lawan (pussing) dgn telapak kaki bagian dalam (Untuk melawan orang yang lebih tinggi)
Giong Yeop Dwi Chagi Tendangan belakang slyding mengejar lawan dgn badan membungkuk
I Dan Yeop Milgi Slyding tendangan ceking ke arah pinggang lawan
Dolyo Chago Dolyo Chagi Tendangan dolyo chagi disusul dolyo chagi
Dolyo Chago Dwi Chagi Tendangan dolyo chagi disusul dwi chagi

come on let’s join us in taekwondo…


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