A Beautiful Waterfall

A Hidden Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall which is located at Mulyoagung village, Singgahan. That place is included Tuban area. It is in about 35 KM from Tuban. Known as Grajagan Nglirip, it has 30 M in height and 28 M in width. This place actually is very attractive even tough it is not as popular as Tawangmangu because there is not any attempt from the local government to develop this tourism area. However, the local inhabitants are really proud of it. Beside the beauty this waterfall is also has a legend behind. It tells about a princess who had a meditation in a cave which purportedly took place under the waterfall. The princess who was getting broken heart. Thus, it causes a myth that says if a couple come to that place they would be break off. But however, this waterfall is one of the potential areas in Indonesia that must be protected. The story behind, may just an attempt to keep this place from irresponsible people.


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